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“If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want.”

– Kevin Ngo

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“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

Weekly Bog Posts

Overcome Challenges Like a Boss-Build Your Resilience

Recently I had a major setback in my life. I had fully applied myself to an opportunity that I was very excited about as it seemed custom made for me, so I applied myself and put my best effort into this opportunity. I was excited about the potential this opportunity could mean for me and […]

The Beauty & Freedom of No Plans

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s Sunday already. This weekend I was wondering what we were going to do as we had no plans and for some reason, no plans seemed really daunting to me. In our culture where we celebrate busyness and having a booked schedule having no plans felt akin to going off […]

Make the Most of Summer, Design Your Time

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” -Albert Einstein We are truly in the heart of summer and while I always envision things slowing down and leisurely going about life in the summer-the first two weeks have been anything but slow and relaxing for me. It can be difficult […]

The Importance of Time in Our Decisions

“The busiest people are often the ones who make the worst decisions. Busy people spend a lot of time correcting poor decisions. And because they’re so busy correcting past decisions, they don’t have time to make good decisions.” Farnam Street Blog We make decisions every day. Some of them are small, like what to wear […]

Three Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life Today

I have always felt that I’m missing something very important, that others already knew. Whether it was how to solve a math problem in school or the grammatically correct way to write or how to explain an important scientific concept. It’s like everybody else had access to a manual about how things worked and the […]

Two Powerful Steps to Relieve Overwhelm, Burnout & Anxiety in Your Life

Recently I was talking with a good friend about anxiety and how for many there seems to be a simmering anxiety waiting to rear its ugly head at any moment. We were discussing some of the different causes of anxiety and triggers in our own lives that can cause us to go from feeling somewhat […]

2022…How is Your Year Going?

This week we begin the last week of January. We are almost through the first month of the year. How has the year been for you so far this year? If you made resolutions, how are you doing with them? The beginning of the year has been busy for me personally and professionally. I had […]

Whole-Life-Living Newsletter #1

Welcome 2022! What a wonderful year it’s going to be! I’m so excited about the year ahead because the beginning of each year is the opportunity to make changes in our lives. There’s an excitement and motivation to really create lives that we love and we make a plan to move forward with creating positive […]

2022-The Year You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is quickly approaching and it’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all been there before – we resolve to do something different in the New Year, but by mid-February we’re back to our old ways. The New Year’s Resolution has become a joke for many people because it’s so hard […]

The Most Important Voice You Will Ever Hear is Your Own-Trust It

There is a quote from the movie “Ratatouille” that goes, “The most important voice you will ever hear is your own. Trust it.” And this couldn’t be more true. Self-talk has been studied extensively and it’s been found to have a significant impact on our success in life. Self talk can lead us to failure […]

5 Steps to Make Time for Yourself on Your Own Schedule

You’re busy. You have a schedule that never seems to end, and you are constantly stressed out about the things you need to do. Many people think that they can’t make time for themselves because of their long list of responsibilities, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you follow these five steps, […]

Everything Will Be Alright-I Promise

What if you knew that regardless of what you do today, tomorrow or a month from now in your life, that everything will be alright? I know this may be hard to believe, but it’s true. Consider your life so far… Up to this point you’ve lived your life to the best of your ability-doing […]

Using a Change in Season to Create Changes in Your Life

The changing of the seasons is a natural time for our bodies, minds, and brains to make changes as our physical world starts to change. Right now, we are preparing for fall, which happens to be my favorite season. And also, is a prime time to start making those changes you’ve been putting off! The […]

The Importance of Relaxation and Problem Solving

Life can be stressful, and we all need to take some time to relax and give our brain a break from activity so that it can recharge. When we do get some unplanned free time, there are plenty of activities we could choose to fill the gap. One of the best things you could do […]

Finding Your Way Out of the Doldrums: When Things Don’t Go as Planned

This past week has been really heavy for me, and I’m feeling unmotivated. It’s not just the usual frustration-I feel like my routines aren’t working anymore. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, it feels impossible to take on anything else that day without ending up exhausted again before bedtime even rolls around. My […]

Scarcity: The False Reality of Modern Life

What is the false reality of modern life? The world we live in today is based on the idea of scarcity. The idea that there are not enough resources for all of us to thrive and enjoy abundance. Scarcity stops us from attracting the abundance that is meant to be ours and that we deserve […]

Navigating Midlife Successfully

About 10 years ago the life I had been living, that I worked so hard to build didn’t fit me anymore. I had two beautiful young girls, a husband that was my college sweetheart, a job at the university that all of my career choices had led me to secure, a loving extended family, and […]

The 4th of July-A Perfect Time to Reflect on What Freedom Means to You in Your Life

The 4th of July is this weekend and with the traditional celebrations surrounding the holiday including barbecues, fireworks, family, friends, and water sports-it’s also a time for us to stop and reflect on freedom. After all, the 4th of July is a celebration of America’s freedom from Britain and the signing of the Declaration of […]

Graduation Season and the Importance of Meaningful Milestones

It’s graduation season! This is a time for us to celebrate the successes of our children as they move from grade to grade. But it also gives us an opportunity to reflect on our own accomplishments and goals that we have accomplished. It’s important because these milestones help create meaning in life-something that we can […]


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