About Me

My coaching work is an extension of the work I’ve done with students, teachers, supervisors, and leaders over the past decade.

I coach from a place of training as well as life experience. In working with my own coaches I had the amazing experience of creating a life I love in a short amount of time. The clarity, resilience, and trust in myself I was able to gain in working with coaches showed me the power of coaching.

I knew I wanted to share what I had learned with others.

Utilizing multiple approaches to help clients overcome blocks to create lives of connection, grounding, and passion is the heart of the work we do together. My work with clients is rooted in the Enneagram, mindset coaching, and positive psychology.

If you’re interested in what Life or Executive Coaching can do for you in your life, career, or both contact me to schedule a complimentary short Whole Life Clarity Call.

In this call, we will talk about the obstacles in your life, why you haven’t been able to get results, and how working with a coach will help you get the results you’ve wanted.

We will discuss what you hope to achieve in working with a coach and your timeline for overcoming your obstacles. We’ll measure your commitment to making changes, and if I would be a good fit for you as a coach.

At the end of the call, you will have greater clarity about what you want and at least one thing you can do today to start moving towards your goals and overcoming the obstacles that have kept you stuck for so long!

Contact me to schedule your clarity call: wholelifelivingwitherin@gmail.com

What I Do as an Executive Life Coach…


I studied to become a Life/Executive Coach at the Institute for Life Coach Training.

I have a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Seattle University

I have a B.A. from the University of Washington in Sociology with a Minor in Women’s Studies

The strong and effective skills I bring to my coaching are based on my lifetime growth as a student, friend, wife, mother, teacher, professor, leader, author, and lifelong learner.

I incorporate multiple models in my coaching based on the needs of clients. My practice is based on research-proven cognitive psychology, human growth theory, and mindset training.

Basically, I’m a non-judgmental combination of coach, mentor, and best friend…except I hold you accountable in ways your best friend never could. And I teach you how to act on your goals to create your dream life.


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