Dr. Erin Gravelle 

Women’s Life Coach & Doctor of Education

About Me

My coaching work is an extension of the work I’ve done with students, teachers, supervisors, and leaders over the past decade.

To be honest, creating the life I love in such a short amount of time has been absolutely mind blowing for me. I still can’t believe that the things that I thought were never possible for me in my life-were possible and then some! And it’s absolutely possible for YOU!

The key for me was finding the right coach to work with as it is the first step in a life changing journey. From there, all it takes is a mind shift and ongoing to support to help you get there.

Family is everything to me and I have a wonderful blended family. I love daily life with my husband, two girls, and our young foster son. We also have many four legged friends we adore.


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I’m a Women’s Life Coach…

I studied to become a Life Coach at the Institute for Life Coach Training.

I have a Masters of Arts in Teaching and Doctoral Degree in Education from Seattle University

I have a B.A. from the University of Washington in Sociology with a Minor in Women’s Studies

I learned how to think rigorously during my studies and as a Professor in Education have honed my skills in communicating with people to help them discover their life path and achieve their goals efficiently and sustainably.


The strong and effective skills I bring to my coaching are based on my lifetime growth as a student, friend, wife, mother, teacher, professor, author and lifelong learner.

I incorporate multiple models in my coaching based on the needs of clients. My practice is based on research proven cognitive psychology, human growth theory and mindset training.

Basically I’m a non-judgmental combination of life coach, mentor, and best friend…except I give WAY better advice and gently hold you accountable in ways your best friend never could. And I teach you how to act on your goals to create your dream life.

Why I’m Qualified to Coach You

As women, we have good hearts, degrees, incredible talent, accomplishments, and all of the bells and whistles that spell out SUCCESS and THE GOOD LIFE.

Yet still on the inside? We’re anxious. We’re insecure. We can’t figure out how to stop beating ourselves up about not doing ‘well enough’ or about our body, our love life, our finances, our family, our work life.

Deep down, we just want to reconnect with the strong and amazing women we know we are and have a wonderfully fulfilling life.

So what is keeping so many amazing, loving, caring, incredible women from taking action and getting the lives they want? What is keeping us in this stressed out existence, unable to embrace and own our true confident and radiant selves?

Two things:

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Our Social Conditioning: the roles we are told we need to fill as women. These age old roles keep us inside of a box reducing our needs, wants and desires. While reinforcing behavior and thoughts that keep us small and outside of owning our own power.


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Our inner critic. What we tell ourselves. That voice in your head that tells you no matter what you do, it’s never right, good enough, and that you’re either too much or not enough.


So much of my life story seems like obvious steps towards this work. From being an anxious child who never trusted herself while at the same time feeling a desire to speak up, challenge the status quo, and be who I wanted to be… to a young adult who found women’s studies in college and started to learn about how our system is designed to keep women in their place. I learned how to own my voice and see that so much of my social conditioning was meant to keep me small and make it hard to trust myself and what I need. Because my needs seemed to run counter to what society said I should need and when I tried to push outside of those boundaries, there was always those to remind me that I wanted too much, that I was too much, and that I should be happy with the status quo.

In identifying that it was my social conditioning that was a major cause of my anxiety…I started to make small changes and learned to trust myself and own my voice.

I believe that people should be able to decide the course of their lives, regardless of their past or present.

However, believing that and acting on that can be incredibly difficult. Especially if you haven’t challenged the status quo and worked on creating a life you love. When I started to trust myself I was met with resistance, usually by women.

At work, the skills that helped me become a doctor at a young age (and employed at the University while still earning my doctorate) like passion, persistence, hard work, and direct communication didn’t work when working with faculty or students. I was told that I needed to be less direct and more gentle as to not offend anybody.

This disconnect showed up in my personal life as well:

I didn’t think I should have to have a partner to accept myself . . . but I secretly worried I was unlovable.

I wanted to love my body . . . but I spent a lot of time criticizing it and hating it.

I wanted to believe I was able to decide how to spend my time and energy . . . but I still found myself prioritizing pleasing other people over my feelings.

I wanted to be healthy and have energy …but I found myself spending time self medicating to deal with my own feelings of inadequacy.

I wondered how could someone who knew in her head all of these truths about social conditioning, power, confidence and equality…not be able to do that in her own life?

Why did I continue to make the same mistakes over and over again?

A lifetime of counseling didn’t give me the answer.

And then one day, I stumbled upon a life coach

It wasn’t until I started working with a coach that I learned how to make valuable life changes in a short amount of time. These changes were based on cognitive psychology which allowed me to rewire my brain to start setting goals and following through with them, to create a life I love.


A year later, in working with another coach, I learned the value of having a deep understanding of human development and manifestation. I started applying all three to my life and the result of having a large vision for what I want in my life, establishing goals to get me there and bringing the goals down to manageable day to day level-made it possible. Paired with the ability to match my feelings and actions to my beliefs. Knowing how to identify my feelings and not let them run my life or the decisions I make, completely transformed my relationships, the decisions I make, and how I spend my time.

I figured out how to use neuroplasticity (our brain’s ability to change neural patterns) and the power of setting an intent in my life (using the laws of quantum physics) to my advantage to create room for a well designed life where I have created feelings of gratitude, confidence, worth, independence, self love, and to finally trust myself. Everything that has followed after that, is just the icing on the cake.

And wow-is life so much more ENJOYABLE! Not just because I experience these feelings in my daily life, but because I get to work with women through coaching, giving them tools to do the same in their life.

And through experiencing the changes in my life, the system makes a ton more sense now.  Not just because I know how to live my best life daily, but because I get to share with women from all over- how they can create lives free of self-criticism, anxiety, guilt, shame, and instead live from a place of love, connection, and joy.

So that’s me.  A mom of two teenage daughters, married to the love of my life, helping others create the lives they deserve and up until now-only dreamed of. I’m here in my corner of the beautiful Pacific Northwest committed to helping free you from the unnecessary expectations, judgments, and criticism that we impose on ourselves, every single day.

So let’s see what kind of life you can create in working with me-shall we?

Book a free 1/2 hour Discovery Call with me. Let’s start creating your dream life!!!



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