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Happy Halloween Eve! This year Halloween snuck up on us and we are making our annual trek to the pumpkin patch today. Yes, today.

Regardless of if we find a pumpkin at the over picked patch or at Safeway down the street, it’s the annual ritual that truly matters to me. A ritual we started with our girls to celebrate the season and spend time together as a family. They see value in this fall ritual and want to continue it with us while sharing it with their friends.

Celebrating life together is at the heart of why we had kids. And to see that our kids have internalized the celebration of the change in season and want to continue to spend time with us in this celebration is enough for me to bundle up and head to the over picked patch, go through a corn maze where we can almost see over the corn, and ride the hay ride for what seems like the hundredth time.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Halloween. And that the following inspire you or give you the chance to see your life from a different perspective.

Thought I’m Considering:

Short-term easy is long-term hard. Short-term hard is long-term easy.

I was reminded of this when one of my kids came home with a grade that wasn’t up to his standards. Rather than look at the feedback and dive in, he said, “oh, I understand it now.”

I called his bluff. When I asked him to “explain it to me” because I didn’t understand it, he stalled. He didn’t understand. This lesson isn’t just for kids.

We’d rather do the easy thing than the hard thing. That’s natural and normal. I call this the mountain. You can climb it, or you can avoid it, but it’s not going away. There is always a mountain. There is always something in front of us that we know we should do, but it just seems so … hard.

On any given day, we can avoid the climb. We can stand at the bottom, look up, and say, “I’ll wait. Hopefully, the mountain isn’t here tomorrow.” But we all know the mountain is still there tomorrow. And instead of looking smaller, it’s even larger.

When I talked to Jerzy Gregorek about the mountain, he said. “Easy decisions, hard life. Hard decisions, easy life.”

The easy path today makes a hard path tomorrow. The hard path today makes an easier path tomorrow.

The choice is yours, but the mountain isn’t going away. The longer you put off the hard thing you know you need to do, the harder it becomes to get started.

The climb is the fun part.

-Farnam Street


Wedding gowns of our first ladies. An interesting peak into the relationships of our country’s first ladies and their husbands. Not only are the styles interesting but so is how the role of first lady has evolved as women’s roles in U.S. society have also.


Just in time for Halloween. One of the most poignant essays I’ve ever read about Halloween. Really putting the holiday and motherhood into perspective. Have your tissues handy.


Why is everybody sick right now? This makes perfect sense and makes me glad we have our flu shots scheduled this week.


Halloween is tomorrow and we are officially in holiday season. Charcuterie boards are one of my favorite things to make at home for holiday gatherings. You can dress them up or keep them simple and casual. This article is a great how to for creating beautiful and delicious charcuterie boards.

Here’s another collection of recipes to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. We’re having a small dinner party this weekend. The Mushroom Wellington and cheese crackers would be perfect! 

The muffin hack that will take your muffin game to the next level. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Saving Money:

Finally, as the holidays approach I start to think about how we can save money on holiday purchases big and small. Here is a list of 17 Costco hacks that as a long time shopper of Costco-I’m ashamed to say I wasn’t aware of!

Have a wonderful week!

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