Ideas for the Week Ahead

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know how important mornings are to my daily routine. I wake up early-before most of our household and take an hour or two to journal and read. During this time, I drink a cup of coffee or two, watch the sunrise, and have moments of inspiration and insight that change how I show up in my life either for that day or longer.

There is nothing more powerful than starting each day inspired and with intention. It’s so easy to get into a routine in our days and to overlook the small miracles and opportunities that present themselves and instead grudgingly repeat the same dry routine day after day.

With limitless information out there, I have found it useful to read blogs from experts that I have found over time that have a variety of interests and are like me in that they are striving to share what they have learned, try new things, and live their best lives.

This weekend I’m starting to share that information with you in the hopes that something will stand out or spark something in you for the week ahead. To try something new that makes your life easier and so you can spend time feeling more connected with those around you.

Some of my favorites from this week:

What I’m Trying:

30 Day Kindness Challenge: “Helping behavior increases positive emotions, which increases our sense of purpose, regulates stress, and improves short- and long-term health. All of that contributes to a heightened level of happiness, causing us to feel more generous, creating a circle of happiness and generosity.”

Years ago, a therapist told me that the best way to deal with the anxiety I was dealing with was to stop focusing on myself and do kind things for others. I started volunteering at a soup kitchen and saw the power of helping others and how it did help with my anxiety. I’ve continued to volunteer and help others when I can, but I love the idea of a 30 Day Kindness Challenge and am going to start one today. There’s a great daily calendar in this article that I will follow but I also have some ideas of how I’d like to do kind things for others so I will create my own calendar and share it in 30 days.

A new way to find recipes, meal prep, and save money. We’re moving on from Hello Fresh for now and trying I heard about his food service from many people over time and thought we had to try it. There’s a free trial membership and it’s as simple as inputting how many people are in your family, dietary preferences/restrictions and how many meals you want for the week. You get different recipes for the week to choose from, a grocery list and you’re done!

For breakfast I made Potato, Leek and Chard Frittata and it was a huge hit in my household! That rarely happens. My meal prep for the coming week includes Zucchini Noodle Lasagna.

What I’m Considering:

Fashion trends that tend to age us as we get older. I’m not going to lie I love many of the styles of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I came across this article Be Warned These 45 Fashion Trends are Making you Look Older and it did make me question some of my fashion choices. However, I will always love my cardigans you won’t see me giving those up anytime soon-especially in fall!

I have spent years learning how to build positive boundaries in my personal and professional life. Recently, I have had interactions with people in my professional life that have left me questioning myself, feeling depleted of energy, and where I wanted to react to them defensively (to protect myself) rather than proactively. All of these are signs that boundaries are being crossed and that it’s necessary to check in and see how I can start to put some boundaries back in place in my work environment. This article does a great job showing how we can identify when we need to establish boundaries in our lives and simple ways to do so.

Have a lovely week!

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