The One Habit You Must Have to Achieve Your Goals

There are many ways for us to achieve our goals and create lives full of meaning, connection, happiness, financial freedom, health, etc…A variety of different mindsets we can use, tools we can try out, and apps that support us in getting there. Yet, there is one key thing we must have if we’re going to achieve any of these things and that is consistency.

As simple or as boring as it may seem-consistency is the only thing that is going to take us from where we are to where we want to be. And it’s the most challenging thing to do because it requires, we dig deep to decide what we want, why we want it, and what we need to change to get it. Only then can we fully commit and do the work.

Often, when we have a goal we start strong because we’re motivated to achieve it. Then over time when we don’t see the results that we think we should our motivation starts to diminish. And once we lose motivation, that is when we stop doing what we need to do consistently to achieve the goal we had set for ourselves.

Yet, in life it’s essential to set goals and work towards those goals to continue to grow, evolve, and for our own happiness. For more on this check out this article.

Loss of motivation leading to inconsistent effort is key to my work with clients. As their coach I help them identify the obstacles they have created in their lives by observing what they do when they lose their motivation. I help them identify why they are losing motivation as well as the old habits that start to show up that are often subconscious and sabotage their progress. Then we explore different way of doing things so that they can continue to be consistent in working towards their goals.

It really is as simple as continuing to show up and do the work. But it’s also as difficult as simply continuing to show up and do the work.

Leverage Your Time

When we aren’t seeing results within a set timeline that we’ve usually created for ourselves, that’s when our old habits take over because we find comfort in them. When we rely on our old habits that no longer work for us that is the first sign that we’re losing motivation. We make excuses for why we don’t need to continue to work on our goal and all the progress we made up to that point starts to fade.

Ironically, results towards our goal usually start to happen after we have pushed through our desire to give up. But we give up too soon to see how close we are to meeting the goal we set for ourselves. When we want to give up even on the smallest steps we’re taking to meet our goal-it’s essential we stick with it. As ironic as it seems, the desire to give up is a sign we’re getting closer to meeting our goal. Achieving our goal is usually just on the other side of the desire to give up.

So how do we stay consistent and finally meet our goals?

Habits are Key

The first thing is to get to know ourselves well and then plan for the long term. Getting to know ourselves provides the opportunity for us to be honest with ourselves and that means slowing down, reflecting, and trying to find out as much about ourselves as possible.

Be curious. Who are you as a person? What is your personality like? What are your strengths and areas for growth? A good place to start is learning about your Enneagram personality type. For many learning their Enneagram type is very insightful into how they interact in the world and how they respond to adversity in their lives.

Knowing our Enneagram personality type helps us understand ourselves better so that we can prepare for when we lose motivation in working on our goals and how we can continue to be consistent so that we meet those goals.

As you make time to get to know yourself better commit to writing your reflections down. Journaling even for a few minutes every day is one of the best ways to get to know yourself, to check in with how you’re doing on your goals, and to stay committed. And when you’ve written your goals down on paper and all of the reasons why you want to achieve your goals, it makes it harder to give up on them.

Big Audacious Goals

When considering your goals aim high, making the goal outside your comfort zone because that is where growth truly occurs. Then work backwards in planning small steps you can take in meeting your goal. And take those steps.

Build routines among the small steps you’ll take to meet your goals making sure that you are consistent in your routines when things are going well. So that when things aren’t going well or you aren’t feeling motivated you stick to the new routines, that is what builds consistency.

When I started looking for my dream home, I knew at the time I couldn’t afford it, but I still knew I could create the possibility for myself to own a home. I wrote down all the things I wanted my home to have and started looking at homes that had the “must haves” on my list. At the same time, I took a close look at finances and made some changes over time to how I spent my money. I was consistent in working towards this goal and within six months had purchased my dream home.

This same process works no matter what your goal is. It takes identifying your big audacious goal, small steps you’ll take to achieve it, and most important consistency.

Using the steps outlined here you will meet goals that you never thought were possible. And you will see the endless possibilities you can create for yourself in your life by setting big audacious goals and being consistent in reaching each goal-one at a time.





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