The Beauty & Freedom of No Plans

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s Sunday already. This weekend I was wondering what we were going to do as we had no plans and for some reason, no plans seemed really daunting to me.

In our culture where we celebrate busyness and having a booked schedule having no plans felt akin to going off the grid for me.

As it turns out having no plans has been such a gift. It was so nice just to let each day unfold to see what showed up.

Each day is like a blank canvas and we get to decide what that canvas will look like. In between appointments or premade plans-each day is still ours to decide what to do with the time we have. Is the time going to reflect what we truly value? Are we going to spend the time with people who we enjoy and who bring us energy, love, peace, and joy? Are we going to spend our time doing things that honor who we are, our bodies, and our well-being?

Or are we going to believe that we have no power over who or what we spend our time doing? That our time is determined by people outside ourselves. Our families, work, friends, etc…

What we believe creates our reality and determines how we spend our time. We always have a choice.

And my choice this weekend has been to balance my time between grading assignments and doing things that I love to do like finding nutritious recipes, taking my time shopping for the groceries for those recipes, and then preparing food that is good for my body and mental health. And in taking care of myself, I’m also taking care of my family, friends, and community.

When self-care is a daily practice (which is something we all continue to work at, practice, and recommit to-even life coaches) we show up as our best selves. We are able to be fully present in the moment and present for those around us because that is where connection occurs.

I’m choosing to begin this week practicing self-care by letting each day unfold and choosing to do the things that I know make me feel good, rested, and connected so I can show up as my best self to those around me.

What can you choose today or this week to support yourself and spend your time on that will bring you peace, grounding, energy, and love? If just this question brings up tension for you or you draw a blank-a great starting place is to ask yourself what is one small thing you need or can do today to make yourself happy. Then do that thing. That is the first step. Notice how doing that one thing makes you feel and repeat tomorrow.



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