Three Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life Today

I have always felt that I’m missing something very important, that others already knew. Whether it was how to solve a math problem in school or the grammatically correct way to write or how to explain an important scientific concept.

It’s like everybody else had access to a manual about how things worked and the correct way to do things, and for some reason, somebody forgot to give me that manual. Everybody else seemed to have a deep understanding of things and a certainty that what they thought and how they did things was the right way to do them. I have never been blessed with such confidence.

Instead, I’ve always experienced life in awe and wonder and am often surprised when things have happened. In order to temper this, I became a planner to alleviate as much surprise as possible and to be as prepared as possible when situations arose. But what I found is that while planning is great, I had to have flexibility because really the only thing within my control is myself. And well, plans often have to change because of factors outside ourselves.

When I finally realized that the only thing I truly can control is myself and let it fully sink in there was such freedom there! What a relief! But also what a responsibility. Because that also means that I’m fully responsible for myself, my actions and reactions, and what happens in my life.

I’m finally at peace. The way that I have found peace is by being intentional about how I spend my time and who I spend my time with. I begin my days by reading and writing for at least the first hour of each day. This practice helps me stay centered on what is important to me and to plan my day with intention so that I determine the rhythm of my day, not somebody else.

Simplifying our lives doesn’t have to be boring in fact it’s necessary to live a life that holds meaning for us and where we enjoy each and every day.

A few years ago I thought about what three things I would like to do regularly that bring me happiness. For me this has included having a morning routine, making sure I exercise and cooking quality homemade food. As I’ve continued to do each as much as possible, I’ve learned more about myself and why spending time on these things brings me so much joy. Once I slowed down enough to think about what truly brings me happiness and started to do these things regularly, I was able to sink deeper into them and be fully present as they took root in my life. This article is a great explanation of how simplifying your life is easy, but not boring.

So, this weekend why not give it a try? Think of three things that bring you happiness and then start to make time for them as much as possible. Try four out of seven days. You will be amazed how much more energy you have, how grounded you feel, that your relationships improve and that you are happier overall. Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you.

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