Scarcity: The False Reality of Modern Life

What is the false reality of modern life? The world we live in today is based on the idea of scarcity. The idea that there are not enough resources for all of us to thrive and enjoy abundance. Scarcity stops us from attracting the abundance that is meant to be ours and that we deserve to live our best lives.

But what if I told you that scarcity is an illusion? And that it goes against our natural way of being? A state where we create any opportunity imaginable in our lives simply by having a clear desire and the willingness to go after what we want.

Scarcity is an idea that leaves people feeling powerless and afraid. When we are in the scarcity mindset we become doubtful of ourselves and abilities. We begin to depend on experts to show us how to be happy because we no longer trust ourselves. Depending on experts who profess to make us beautiful, stylish, socially acceptable, wealthy, or happier with a smaller waistline.

While at the same time, we make rash decisions-believing that a small piece of the pie is better than no pie at all.

When we depend on these “experts” we lose our inner voice, the one telling us that we are enough. That we have the power to create amazing lives and that we can and should trust ourselves.

For example as a woman growing up, I believed in a narrow standard of beauty after all we can’t all be beautiful, or at least that’s what society tells us. My beauty depended on someone else telling me what was beautiful or not.

On the outside like a car that was either “good” enough or “pretty,” but never perfect, I looked for validation elsewhere. In the products I bought that were sold by experts or makeup that was applied to supermodels in the hopes I would also have those perfect lashes or chiseled jaw line. I thought that if I could just come close to that ideal of beauty that my life would be so much simpler and I’d be happy.

I missed out on how much more fulfilled I could be living from a place of abundance where everything is always good and I was satisfied simply for being me. Believing in what I find beautiful and following suit-rather than what society deemed beautiful.

How much time and money did I waste trying to get my face and body to conform to a standard of beauty that fits only one beauty ideal? When in reality beauty is very subjective and we all have different ideals when it comes to beauty.

Think of all of the time and money you have spent in your life trying to fit an ideal. Whether it’s beauty, weight, relationships, money, education, friends, social status, the list goes on and on. All based on the belief, that if you had just this one thing-you would finally be happy.

The truth of the situation is that it’s already there! All of the things you want, that you think are beyond your control because there simply isn’t enough to go around-is there and waiting for you.

The secret is that you believe it is there and waiting for you and you have the desire to go after it!

Let me repeat that. What you want can be yours. But first, you have to believe it can be yours! You have to believe you are important and valuable enough to have everything you ever wanted and then some.

Do you believe these things to be true about yourself?

If not, you’re going to need to dig really deep and think about why? Where did you learn that you don’t deserve these things? And what needs to change so that you can start to believe that you deserve the best in life?

Now you’re probably thinking, sure the abundance mindset works with something like beauty that is subjective-but…what about money? Surely that’s scarce as there is only so much to go around. There is nothing subjective about that. And…well my bank account routinely shows that money is scarce, very scarce.

Money also applies to the scarcity mindset that is holding you back.

Money is simply a piece of paper created to represent the value of things. You decide if something is worth the value (price) and then spend your money accordingly. This is nothing more than an exchange of energy. When you exchange money, you are exchanging energy that is physically represented by money. The energy of one thing for the energy of something else.

To put it another way, supply and demand and capitalism are abundant systems but when you live in a place of scarcity, then you will believe that there isn’t enough to go around and you will continue to make financial decisions based on fear.

Yet, when you believe in yourself and that money is simply energy exchanged, AND that you deserve it, the money you need will start to appear in your life when you need it.

In the classic book Think and Grown Rich! author Napoleon Hill describes how the earth and everything living on earth is energy and that this “form of energy [is] moving at an inconceivably high rate of vibration, and that the ether is filled with a form of universal power which ADAPTS itself to the nature of the thoughts we hold in our minds; and INFLUENCES us, in natural ways, to transmute our thoughts into their physical equivalent,” (p. 32).

Abundance in your life starts with a simple thought. I deserve….

Followed by a plan of action of how you are going to start creating way in your life for this to come to you. Just the thought is the jumping off place, but you also need to create the potential for what you want to enter your life.

Let’s take relationships for example. Many of my clients are looking for that perfect person to share their life with. Yet, past experiences have made them feel like that this is something reserved for others and isn’t a possibility for them. They still have the desire for a great relationship, but after spending countless years in relationships where they settled for less than they wanted, they no longer trust that they can have a relationship where they are truly happy.

Regardless of our relationship status, there are enough amazing people in this world of 7 billion people that we can have a wonderful relationship. Same goes with friendships.

It all begins with knowing what you want. Write it down! Think of it as a letter to the universe (or a prayer to God) to state what you want. Then write down as many details as possible regarding what you want.

If it’s a relationship-write down 100 things you’re looking for in a partner. If it’s a friendship, do the same. If it’s money-make a goal for how much money you want to have within a given amount of time and read this note every night before bed and every morning when you wake up.

Create visual reminders of what you want in your life. Vision boards are wonderful for this because our minds process pictures so much easier than words. Create a vision board of what you would like to come into your life and place it somewhere where you can see it throughout the day.

Once you know what you want and you have a vision for what it looks like, start being proactive in making it happen. Create opportunities for yourself.

And most importantly, live your life as if what you want is already happening. If you want to take a family trip to Europe, start looking at places to stay and plan as if you are going a year from now.

If you want changes in your current relationships, start treating yourself the way you want others to treat you and watch how their behavior starts to shift as well.

You really do have the power to live from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. It all starts with your desire, being crystal clear what you want, and then taking proactive steps to get it.

Acting as if you already have it allows the energy needed for it to come to you to align with your own energy so that it flows to you easily and freely.

Then be open for how it appears in your life. Daily you will start to see small signs that what you want is coming to you. Keep doing what you’re doing and when it comes to you, it may look different than you thought it would-but you’ll know that you were able to attract it to you because you chose to believe in the reality of abundance. And you’ll be amazed at the life you create.

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