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What Makes You Feel Alive?

Do you know what makes you feel alive? Really alive?

If you do, then you know feeling really alive is the most amazing feeling.

You are filled with joy. Your body feels expansive. You feel grounded, energized, available, and in touch with your whole being. You may alternate between feelings of bliss, energy and then stillness, calm and peace. 

These feelings are powerful and remind you what it feels like to be alive. 

They are also the feelings of love. Love for ourselves, love for others, love for our lives.

There is a song from the Beatles “All You Need is Love” which actually can be an anthem for life.

It says:

“Nothing you can make that can be made

No one who can save that can’t be saved

Nothing you can do

But can learn to be you in time

It’s easy

All you need is love

All you need is love

All you need is love, love

Love is all you need.”


The lines,

“Nothing you can do

But can learn to be you in time

It’s easy,”

Are so powerful and true when creating a life you love and truly deserve.

Many ancient traditions define love as an act of creating.

Love is the premiere state that allows you to be creative in creating the life you love.

We create love in our lives through connecting to people, our environments, to life itself, and something larger than ourselves. We are always connected to others and when we spend our days conscious of this connection, love can flourish.

When you aren’t conscious of the connections in your life, you feel isolated, depressed, anxious and often are fearful. The opposite of love is fear and when you experience fear-your body contracts. Fear causes your muscles to contract, your field of vision narrows-giving you tunnel vision, and you respond from a place of fight, flight, flee, or freeze. 

Many people live their lives in this prolonged place of disconnection and through simply reconnecting with love for themselves and others, they could live rich and fulfilling lives.

The first step in experiencing life-not through tunnel vision,  where your world is contracted more limited and threatening, is connecting with yourself.

Bringing awareness back to your love for yourself, your connection to yoursel,f and others is essential to feel love and feel really alive.

Why is Self Love So Difficult?

At an early age, many of us learn how to love other people and that we should love other people. In fact many lessons we learn from a very young age include, that we should love others. 

Yet, many of us don’t learn how to love ourselves. We may even be brought up to believe that loving ourselves is selfish, wrong, and takes away from our ability to love others.

The reality is that we must love ourselves to love others. When we don’t love ourselves, we don’t take care of ourselves and are left depleted and without the energy to love others. 

When we practice self love, we replenish our energy and have even more to give to others! People who truly love themselves are a joy to be around! People are naturally attracted to them because they have a respect for themselves and others and their wellbeing.

When we truly love ourselves and love others from this place, we are fully present, connected, and intentional in the love we share. We aren’t looking for the acceptance of others or for them to fill the void where our self love would be. We aren’t looking for others to meet our needs, because we meet our needs on our own.

In meeting our own needs through self love, our relationships have the freedom to evolve and be what they are, rather than having to compensate for what we are missing inside.

How many times have we seen people in unhealthy relationships with friends, significant others or family because they were trying to fill a void within themselves? If they would only learn how to love themselves-they wouldn’t be dependent on any person outside of themselves to validate them. It wouldn’t be necessary, because they are already full of love on the inside. Giving those on the outside the freedom to show up as themselves and experience love without expectations and unhealthy attachments.

Self Love is Simple in Theory-Yet Hard to Implement

Self love  is a simple idea, but is something most adults struggle with. Actually practicing self love after a lifetime of mixed messages about loving oneself is difficult to do.

That is the value in changing small habits, one day at a time so that you can begin to form a new habit, of self love.

One simple way to build the habit of self love, is self awareness. 

Take a few moments to reflect on and write down “What gets in the way of you choosing love for you?”

Over the course of the next few days consider “What do you choose instead of love?” In your thoughts and actions, what keeps you from feeling loved or connected? Some common responses include: expectations, being busy, anger, self-focus, being right, worries, and judgments.

Take note of the things you choose instead of love. Then at the end of each day ask, “How is it I choose these instead of love?”

Finally write down, “How can you help yourself choose love instead?” Love for yourself and love for others.

Take this next week to fill in the self love worksheet and you’ll be amazed how your focus shifts from one of fear, loneliness, deficit thinking, judgement, anger, etc., to feelings of gratitude, love, energy, connection and worthiness for simply being you!

The Best Life Blueprint

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