What Do You Pay Attention To?

This morning started like any other day. I woke up and journaled, meditated for a bit, said my affirmations, read from an inspiring book, looked at my calendar, and put together my to do list for the day. I took the dog for a long walk, came home to an appointment, and then had meetings. Just like any other day.

In between meetings, when I was walking through the bedroom, I noticed a big pile of papers that always seem to find their way to this big chair that’s nestled in the corner, right next to a window that brings in loads of natural light. It’s a big comfortable leather chair. A perfect reading/working spot in a corner of the room. At least that was my thought when we placed the chair in that special spot. What I’ve found in reality is that chair is a perfect landing spot for all of the junk mail, bills, and any other thing that comes into the house, that we don’t want to deal with.

As I glanced at the pile on top of the chair, I started thinking about manifesting the life you want and the idea of “if you think it, it will come true.” Looking at the pile of papers and other things that have mounted over the week-I thought “if only I could manifest those papers being gone.” Oh, how I wished that could be true.

Like I would think the thought, snap my fingers, and poof-they’re gone. After all, isn’t that the power of manifestation? To turn your dreams into reality? Granted, this is a small dream, but it’s a dream nonetheless and in that moment I would have used all of the power of my subconscious to make that pile disappear. I began to think about other things I would love to manifest on the spot, in that moment:

  • All of my papers graded with amazing feedback written by me, that will transform the lives of my students.
  • Laundry done, folded AND put away.
  • A trip to Hawaii, leaving tomorrow.

You know all of the normal things we wish for when our lives are busy and we just want a break.

Then I had to laugh at myself, as I stood and just stared at the pile.

When I started on this journey to become a life coach I had experienced how the power of thought, transformed my life. I wanted to share this amazing life change with others. I wanted to give others the same opportunities to transform their lives that I had and continue to have daily.

I thought that at some point as a life coach, I’d reach a point where all of my days were amazing and that the small things that bothered me then, wouldn’t bother me now. But it’s simply not the case.

In fact, I’m only a step or two ahead of the clients I work with.

I still have to show up daily and do the work. Yeah, I may have a better understanding of the work that needs to be done, or different tools to help do the work, than I did before-but the work is still there.

Life is the work. The joy and the bummer about life, is that it requires work. To be happy requires ongoing growth which at times can feel exhilarating and at other times wear us down. Looking at that pile of papers in that moment-simply felt overwhelming.

It turns out, manifesting what we want is possible and we do it all the time, whether we notice or not. Our thoughts do create our reality. What we think about a situation is what makes the situation relevant to us and determines how we react in that moment.

In manifesting what you want in life-it takes more than just thinking about what you want. You have to own and embody what you want to manifest. What that means is that in able to manifest something into your life, you have to be very clear about what it is, then go all in. You have to commit with your thoughts, actions, beliefs and emotions.

What we put our attention on expands.

What are you paying attention to in your life? If you’re focusing on the negative, that is what you will manifest into your life. Your thoughts will be negative and you will reinforce your negative self limiting beliefs which will continue to draw more negativity to you.

If your thoughts are positive, your world will expand and you will be able to manifest what you want with intention, but over time. It’s not immediate.

“Man is what he thinks all day long,” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thoughts are the starting points. Be very clear about what you want and create concrete goals. If you want a relationship-visualize what this relationship will look like. Who is this amazing partner? What qualities will they bring to your life? Write it down and revisit what you wrote often. The clearer you can be about this person, the better chance you will create the opportunity for them to come into your life.

Or create a vision board with images of what you want to manifest in your life. These visual representations of your goals help to solidify what you want. The brain can interpret pictures easier than ideas you may write down and so having a snapshot of that image in your mind. that you can look to throughout the day, is very useful.

Make sure you keep your vision board in a place where you can look at it often. Add to it as you create new goals. For example, when I was looking to buy a home I had pictures of my dream home on my vision board and after years of looking, within two months, it appeared and I’m writing this from inside it!

The final thing is to act as if. Each time you make a decision, act as if you are that person that you are trying to become. Each time you reach out to a friend, you’re the person who has great friends. Each time you make time to do something your kids want to do, you’re a parent that spends quality time with your kids. Each time you choose to eat well, you’re the type of person who eats healthy. Ask yourself, “Who is the kind of person who can get the outcome I want? What are the things they would do to get there?’ And then, do those things. In acting as if you are that person, overtime your behavior and habits shift, helping you to manifest what you want in life.

So, what does this mean for me and that pile on my chair? It means I need to act as if I’m a person who deals with mail when it comes into my house. Sorting it as it comes in, when it comes in. Rather than letting it gather on the chair where I’d love to spend my time reading and writing. It’s not glamorous or easy, but it will take care of that pile so that the chair is free for me to read and write from whenever I’d like.

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