Everything you need to be successful in all areas of life is within you-yes YOU. Your exceptional and unique qualities need to be uncovered, acknowledged, and celebrated. 

As an Executive Life Coach, I use my life experiences and professional training to help clients empower themselves and become successful at creating lives of connection, fulfillment, and meaning.
I see you and walk alongside you to help you rediscover your hopes, values, and dreams. We uncover and challenge your limiting beliefs and obstacles and shift them so you can fulfill your life’s purpose, all in small manageable ways.
The biggest decisions you make that truly influence your life, are the small decisions you make each and every day. And life can be exhausting! As a coach I work with you to focus your energy on what is truly important to you in your life, building resilience, so you have the energy and time to live the life you love and deserve each and every day.

As coach and client, together, our focus is for you to learn how to show up in any situation in your life as your best self, with clarity, energy, and excitement for the life you are creating.

Regardless of what areas in your life you are looking to create change, I can help you. Relationships, career, and everything along the way all the areas of your life are interconnected. The common denominator is you, and you deserve a life you truly love. 



Expect to feel safe, heard, understood and supported

As Your Coach I…

  • hold a safe space for you and the vision you have for your life.
  • listen deeply to your needs, wants, and desires with full presence for your journey and healing.
  • help you uncover what is holding you back from fully owning your gifts and living your best life.
  • provide inspiration, motivation, support, and accountability that will allow you to have insight, receive what you need most, and take action.





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“Dr. Erin is such a great listener. In coaching sessions with her, I felt heard and appreciated. Her work with me was specialized to meet my needs and I was able to accomplish my goals in working with her.”-Past Client, E.P.

“There’s a certain magic that can happen when you are deeply heard. An unfolding begins and life begins to align with your true desires. Erin’s ability to deeply listen helped me begin taking steps towards my goals. Her questions shone a light on which paths made the most sense to venture onto. And like magic, opportunities arose effortlessly. Erin was my cheerleader, helping me believe in myself and believe it is possible for me to live a life I love. If you feel stuck, or unsure of how to move towards a future you will love, I highly recommend talking with Erin.”-Past Client, S.D.
“I needed to work seriously on my goals to change a negative attitude, inability to self-express and to decrease the level of my anxiety. Erin worked patiently with me. She listened carefully to me and she asked very to the point questions and was very careful in pointing to important things while we were talking. Our sessions were goal oriented. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to have her direct me throughout my journey and I know she will keep helping other people achieve their goals.”-Past Client, Z.H.


Still, wondering if coaching is right for you? Contact me to Schedule a 30 Minute complimentary clarity call to find out: wholelifelivingwitherin@gmail.com

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